Busy Beauty – No time for showers? No Problem!

Busy Beauty – No time for showers? No Problem!

August 30, 2019Miz Lulu

With my hospital bag already packed and ready to go, this pr package from https://busybeauty.com came just at the right time! If you haven’t heard of Busy Beauty they offer a  line of no-water-needed personal care products designed to help women get ready in under five minutes and take back time in their day!

So you can imagine these products will come in handy after baby has arrived as there will not be as much time for self care. In this package they’ve included showerless body wipes, deodorant wipes, shave gel, shampoo & conditioner. All of their products are vegan, paraben free, aluminum free, and cruelty free. They’re also TSA approved and travel size, making them perfect to always have in your bag.

You can check out their showerless personal care line here: https://busybeauty.com/collections/personal-care


source https://kristelmaedelvalle1.wordpress.com/2019/12/08/busy-beauty-no-time-for-showers-no-problem/

Fall FA-SHEIN Haul

Many may still be skeptical about these pieces from @sheinofficial so I’m definitely always trying to bring you the goods to let you know we’re legit. As we prepare to bid farewell to Fall according to the weather we’ve seen lately, I can’t help but share with you this amazing Fall FA-SHEIN Haul that I adored this season !!! I love Fall, not just for the weather but for the amazing Fashion that goes with it. Everyone probably knows I live in Texas, so I’m not always able to completely get into my favorite must haves for Fall like boots, Neutral Sweaters, hats and scarves until about this time super close to Winter, so these particular pieces were perfect for our weather.

For my first look I am wearing here is what you call a “Fabulous Fall Go To”, that could have you ready for several different events. I am just a sucker for kimonos. You can dress them up or down with very minimalist pieces underneath, and this camo print is right on trend. I just love the flexibility of this piece. The material is not heavy which will be great for during the day and the print allows it to be versatile for nighttime as well. This piece from @sheinofficial is definitely one of my Favorite Picks For Fall and a must have to be added to your Fall wardrobe.

My next look is the sheer mesh overlay asymmetrical hem skirt that is an absolute statement piece. It is stunning and can be worn for something as simple as an important office meeting or presentation with clients, church, a dinner party, or a brunch or Tea; To something big like a nice wedding rehearsal dinner or engagement party. I paired it with a simple black, sheer all in one to let it shine on it’s on. This little number will definitely be a head turner if you add it to your closet.

My next look shows how much I love making a statement. I want to wear pieces that are meaningful and represent me and my personal style. This graphic long sleeve tee is super cute and comfy, but screams exactly how I feel in one design. I am a Queen, I am beautiful, powerful, smart, gifted, confident, and loved and I love for my clothes to represent me. It’s a light high quality material and can be worn with a great pair of jeans like I did here, or even a super cute skirt with added personality!

My last look is definitely a must have for Fall. Depending on where you live, you need nothing more than a light jacket or sleeves when you go out. This drawstring waist waterfall coat is the answer to a breezy Fall day where there is just enough sun to keep the chill at bay. The olive green is the perfect touch bringing out all of the beautiful tones during this season.

Pieces from www.shein.com

Photography by @charisolutionsphotography

source https://kristelmaedelvalle1.wordpress.com/2019/12/08/fall-fa-shein-haul/

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