Cary Santiago on his creations for Gazini Ganados

Cary Santiago on his creations for Gazini Ganados

Posted by Norman on December 6, 2019Posted in: 1 Pageant Pages2 Shout-out-Looks.

My dear Cary Santiago gives us an idea on the National Costume and Evening Gown that Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Christiana Jordi Ganados will wear for the Miss Universe 2019 Preliminaries:

“This is for all the pageant fans out there especially to the supporters of our Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Jordi Ganados:

I created a national costume that is somehow worthy for an international event. I took my inspiration from our national bird. The design is not as flamboyant but the details are very intricate. Its hand-stitched all coming from the same fabric with my signature laser cut patterns.

For the evening gowns, i made several for her but we are down to two that will be used both for prelims and for pageant night. It is fabric manipulation sans the glitter. The silhouette showcases her figure which makes it even more beautiful.

From the Origin models of Sven, Gazini has been my model since 2014 and she is the nicest. Gazini has been by model since 2014 and she is the nicest. I cant also say No to her mentor Jonas Borces. All these are labor of love. Its sad to note that in our country, we don’t really have the support of the government or any agency that will help us fund and produce beautiful pieces for our Philippine representative/s. But i assure everyone that i did try my best in designing and creating masterpieces for Gazini.


Cheers to all pageant fans out there! You are the reason why the Philippines continues to blaze the trail in an industry thats celebrates beauty both inside and out. 


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