Curd Waffles with Ice Cream

Curd Waffles with Ice Cream

Arecipe for a waffle iron that produces delicate curd waffles! Curd should be taken from briquettes pasty, grained. The curd mass should be of an even dense consistency.

Eggs3 pcs
Granulated sugar130 g
Curd 9%200 g
Milk240 g
Flour180 g
Vanillin0.5 teaspoon
SodaA pinch


  1. Beat eggs with sugar until foam.
  2. Add curd (pasty), beat well.
  3. Add milk, stir.
  4. At the end add flour, baking soda and vanillin, mix.

The curd dough should turn out to be quite liquid, resembling the consistency of thick sour cream or pancake dough.

  1. Bake in a waffle iron. It takes me about 10 minutes for one batch (the time depends on the waffle iron itself)

P.S. Serve with ice cream!


Ice cream with waffles are the perfect pair. Curd waffles according to this recipe are tender and soft on the inside, with a ruddy golden crust on the outside.

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