One Foreigners Real Estate Experiences

EDITED This was submitted as a comment but we are republishing it as a anonymous “guest post”. Everything herein are the views of the commenter.

It took us 3 years to find a lot, we visited Antique, iloilo, etc…
we ve met about 30 brokers, license or not, 90% of them were scammers and liars, then we ve met 4 contractors, 1 was honest, 1 we ll never know, the 3rd was obviously a scammer, and finally the 4th, recommended by our Police investigator Brothhter in law, who scammed us and drove us to almost bankruptcy. They gave us fake license and architect diplom etc..
And let s talk about Police…
3 times we met Policemen who were playing the role of broker, 3 scams, taking huge margins between 2 and 4 times the real price, they have all the rights to help someone to sell a lot, but they cannot ask any margin, they would need to be brokers and then licensed, so this is a scam.

Actually we are suing the fake architect contrator, it cost us 600 000PHP for civil and criminal, money we will never see back as they spent it all, out of 6 millions budget, they stole 3.4 millions by cheating on absolutely everything, footing size was divided by 3, beams by 2, no 16mm rebars they changed by 8 and 10mm, etc etc…

I could go on with the construction, the corrupted engineer office the contractor bribed because they re illegal, they have no license and can not engage in construction nor contracting. i could tell you about the supplier, accomplice who made fake receipts and bills for them, etc

If you plan to invest millions, the sharks will show up.

Edit. The night before we finalize the sale with our notary, they told us there was encumbrance on the title, mortgage, while we already sign the promise of sale , i can t remember the name.
They were then asking half the price of the lot so they can remove the encumbrance and get back the title from the bank.
It was out of question. We went to the bank with them, the mortgage was on 400 000, and they were asking 2.5M. While they got the whole money a week later.
This is another scam, if we would have known the truth we would have never signed, especially because that s the first question i always ask, is there any encumbrance on the title?
Worse, the notary did not find out about it…

I could talk about our rental experience which is not even better, we rent between 20 000 and 40 000 for 8 years, rich owners of course, 4 out of six were not giving us BIR receipts, raise PECO bills by 20 to 50%, they consider they give us a service and take such margin.

I could tell you how half of my wife s family forbid us to sue their son/brother in law (married to the eldest) because he s helping them from time to time, the other half want are siding with us because he scammed their sister and I. His parents are totally ashamed, his siblings told us to sue him.

I don t say Illongos are dishonest. but if you plan to spend big, there are some sphere were there are plenty of scammers, those business or business men that manipulates big money. And if they do, it s because they can, the law are pretty elusive and there are corrupt government officer to help them…
Illongo are honest? I ve ordered or received hundreds of international packets/ parcels, i ve received them all, without any missing items, that s was not such a happy experience in Bali, Malasyia and thailand. In Iloilo, all taxi use the meter, not the case in Manila and Cebu, although it drastically changed since Duterte or most of the countries i ve lived or visited.
So yes, majority of Illongos are honest, and it s pleasant not to fight with scamming taxi drivers and other vendors, but if you want to invest big money, you will see another world.

Let s talk about murders, there is not a day without one in Iloilo, almost everyday someone is killed by those motorcycle tandems, etc etc..
Now as a foreginer, i ve never been annoyed in any way. As Bob and Carol said, Illongos are pretty shy type, not so open at first, but always respectfull but very few black sheeps.
I remember Bob and Carol said you d rather have low profile in Philippines and i Agree. Like in Thailand, conflicts are often unfair (outnumber, etc), and often involved knife or firearms. When you see that sueing those scammers cost us 600K PHP (125K just for the civil court fees), you guess Filipinos would find other ways to punish them.

All those said, i would leave Philippines for other opportunities or if i totally get bankrupt, so there are positive sides in Philippines that would still make me stay. But i always planned to live somewhere else than Iloilo, which is too boring for me, PP is more to my taste.

NB. Always get a good lawyer for your business or estate transaction, it s hard to get good ones, our third one is not only jovial but also knowledgeable and competent, and this trait of character when you get the stress of being scammed and getting to court, is really big help (jovial).


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The Fashion Nomad Fashion is one big adventure

The Fashion Nomad

Fashion is one big adventure

Home / The Shoot / The Shoot: Sunshine Yellow


The Shoot: Sunshine Yellow

updated on Leave a Commenton The Shoot: Sunshine Yellow

This shoot is another one from last summer that hadn’t been published on this site after it was shot. I was so busy preparing for The September Issue last August, that I just didn’t have the time to publish it. It’s a bit of a shame as it’s such a simple and pretty little editorial, but at least we can enjoy it now.

It was captured in the middle of a very manic day when I went down to the south coast to do a whole load of shoots in one day. This was captured in between location changes, and even though it only took about 30 minutes, I’m really happy with them. I had planned to do a much bigger yellow-themed shoot down in Dungeness, but while prepping for the entire day, I realised that was over-ambitious even for my standards. So it got cut down to this simple yellow swimsuit and oversized hat. I’m glad I took the time to shoot it in hindsight, even though it meant I almost missed my connecting train down to Seaford! 🙂

Though the sun might not have been out while this shoot was shot last summer, it still in many ways captures that summer feel of hot days, pebbled beaches and cool sea water. So, while we might not be able to enjoy it in person right now, hopefully these images are enough.

Capture that elusive summer feel with this vibrant yellow one-shoulder swimsuit and oversized floppy hat.

Outfit details

Outfit 1

Yellow swimsuit: H&M, similar ones found here and here

Large oversized straw hat: ASOS, similar ones found here and here

Black leather bag: Chloé Nile Minaudière, found here

Gold and pearl earrings: H&M, sold out

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ASOSChloéDungenessH&MNile MinaudièreswimwearThe Shootyellow


Eight years in, and still killing this fashion game. Now a mother, wife, professional-by-day and part-time blogger in between, I still love blogging, producing fashion shoots and curating this blog.
My interests lie in producing high editorial-style content, shooting in grand and unique locations, make-up shoots and doing more studio shoots that really push the boundaries.
I’m open to collaborations and ideas, so please message me.

(Achim, Du bist die Ausnahme, also lass den Quatsch)

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Nicola Cavanis

ig instagram star fashion models hot chicks get wet now

Nicola Cavanis

plush1funModelsreddit  May 17, 2020 1 Minute Nicola Cavanis play plushcam lovense lush sex toys live cam porn video

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Nicola CavanisIn “Models”

Nicola CavanisIn “Models”

Nicola CavanisIn “Models”

Published by plush1fun

View all posts by plush1funPublishedMay 17, 2020

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Coronavirus: China’s Disappeared Heroes and the Silence of the West

by Giulio Meotti  •  May 17, 2020 at 5:00 am

  • These intrepid dissidents showed how fragile, vacuous and dangerous is the edifice of the Chinese regime.
  • The Chinese Communist Party “is the biggest and most serious virus of all… The CCP represses and manipulates information to strengthen its hold on power, It is time to recognize the threat the Chinese Communist Party poses to all humanity.” — Chen Guangcheng, blind Chinese dissident, now a refugee in the US., April 27, 2020.
  • Today…if we know something about China we owe it to China’s vanished heroes. We have, horribly, chosen to abandon them. Very few in the very free West call out the Chinese authorities and ask these great men and women to be released.
  • The Australian University of Queensland, with close links to China is actually trying to take disciplinary action, including possible expulsion, against a student, Drew Pavlou, known for his criticism of Beijing. We are playing Beijing’s game of repression of dissent.
  • Bloomberg News is said to censor articles that might anger China and expose Xi’s personal wealth. And the European Union just softened criticism of China in a report on disinformation about the pandemic… It looks as though free thought is more valued among China’s daring dissidents than in many corners of the West.
  • To paraphrase Leon Trotsky: You may not be interested in China, but China is interested in you.

Dr. Li Wenliang, who died from coronavirus on February 7, had been reprimanded by the Chinese government, with seven other doctors, for warning of the outbreak in December. He was accused of “spreading false rumors” and “disrupting social order” and, for his brave efforts, was detained and interrogated. Pictured: A vigil to mourn Wenliang on February 7 in Hong Kong. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)

Three Chinese internet activists have disappeared and are believed to have been detained by police. They have reportedly been charged with preserving articles that were removed by China’s online censors. Chen Mei, Cai Wei and Cai’s girlfriend went missing on April 19.

Coronavirus: China’s Disappeared Heroes and the Silence of the West

A few days earlier, Beijing police formally arrested retired professor Chen Zhaozhi for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” in a speech about the pandemic. The former Beijing University of Science and Technology professor had posted comments online, including that “Wuhan pneumonia is not a Chinese virus but Chinese Communist Party virus”. In addition, Wang Quanzhang, a Chinese human rights lawyer, who ended his prison sentence after more than four years for “subversion against the state”, immediately after leaving the penitentiary, was placed in “quarantine”, meaning under arrest.

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Trizha Ocampo: Free Healthcare for the Remote Areas

Posted by Norman on May 17, 2020Posted in: 1 Pageant Pages2 Shout-out-Looks. Tagged: Barya ni JuanMiss Universe Philippines 2020Trizha OcampoLeave a comment

During this quarantine period, Miss Universe Philippines 2020 candidate Trizha Ocampo of La Union has focused on self-healing and spending time with her family. She lives with her sister – who is a doctor intern in a government hospital in Baguio – so she is very strict when it comes to going out and getting in contact with others since their clan has a medical history of pneumonia and asthma. Ever since their mother passed away, everyone has been busy with schoolwork and careers.

With her siblingsAs for the national pageant, Trizha’s advocacy is in providing medical attention to remote areas where it is greatly needed. In both of their clinics (in Baguio and La Trinidad) and during medical missions, their services are free consultation, fasting/blood sugar testing and ECG. She believes that basic healthcare services are supposed to be accessible and affordable to the young and old alike.

When it comes to La Union, she has been participating in Online Fundraising Concerts of the La Union Events Suppliers. The aim is to raise funds for basic needs of those who have no income because of the no-work-no-pay salary arrangement. She may not be staying in LU right now, but she uses whatever influence she has on social media to be of valued help.

Like the time the local hospital in Agoo was in dire need of PPEs. The frontliners there have been DIY-ing their own. So I reached out to whoever could help in a fundraising to provide PPEs. It was a blessing that my fellow candidate Ericka Evangelista saw her post, hence, getting precious donation from their Barya Ni Juan project.

Now that Baguio is under the less restricted GCQ, the services in their clinics will resume with strict precautions and in compliance to the government’s guidelines.

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Miss Universe Philippines 2020: #BeyondTheCoastlines Part 4In “1 Pageant Pages”’s 2nd Round of Picks for Miss Universe Philippines 2020In “1 Pageant Pages”’s Early MWP2017 Picks | On a per Crown basisIn “1 Pageant Pages”

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quarantine series: to be close by Agustina Ania

Fashion Grunge





quarantine series: to be close by Agustina Ania


There have been so many different interpretations of photographic styles during this quarantine. In this submission from Agustina Ania in Buenos Aires sharing fruit was the basis and theme of this’s about sharing with friends in the distance we are all at home contributing with the isolation to make the world a better and safer placewe all miss each other, but there are still a few things we can share through our cellphones 

Photography: Agustina Ania @agusania

Model: Natu Biglione @natubiglione

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